"The new monthly Social Media Sensation subscription is absolutely brilliant. If you had to spend time creating those for yourself it would take hours, and if you paid someone else to create them for you, it would certainly cost more than £7.50. Works out at about 25p a day!" Judy Illing

Social media engagement is about getting people to react and respond. From liking and clicking to tagging, sharing and viewing your stories and videos, more is definitely better. Why? Because the more 'engaging' your content is, the more people Facebook and Instagram will show your content to. Which means you get more potential customers seeing your marketing. So, just to recap: more social media engagement = more customers seeing your stuff. 

The Problem Is, Engagement Is Hard To Create

It's not just a question of sell, sell, sell or share, share, share.

It's about creating a magical combination of the right types of posts, and posting them consistently.

Easier said than done, especially when you're busy.

That's Why I Created The Social Media Sensation Membership For You

It takes the hard work out of social media engagement

I've created a whole month's worth of daily prompts and post ideas designed to get you more engagement. Even better, I've shared my awesome recipe of post types that work, no matter what business you are in.

My recipe combines 6 types of posts that work together over the month to get your fans engaging with you, while you get a chance to show off your awesome business.

Not only that, but I've given you 30 editable, done-for-you 'inspirational' images that you can use when you need a quick page popularity boost, 10 conversation starter images and a whole bunch of awareness days and images to use in your marketing.

If an image doesn't fit your business, simply use the Canva template I provide for every inspirational image and conversation starter and swap the image, the wording, the font, the colours, everything until you have exactly what you need. That way, you get the starting design to spark your ideas, then you can create your version of awesome really quickly.

You could have next month's marketing planned and scheduled in an hour - just add a bit of your own wording to tailor the content to your customers and business, and off you go. 

"Wow Claire ! you have been busy - Thank you. The content is amazing, and soo much to choose from... To anyone thinking about subscribing just DO IT - you won't be sorry..." Rachel Warren, patchworkquiltingclasses.co.uk

"Just downloaded all my content - OMG I am so excited to get it going. Thank you. Such good value." Louise Francis, Loopy Lou Designs

If anyone is on the fence, jump off and grab the membership as it’s exceptional value. I’ve signed up and as always with Claire it’s excellent. I love the flexibility of the editable templates, those alone are worth far more than what the subscription costs. The editable templates are genius for me as I can add animal photos to match my business 🙂" Wendy Lovatt, Reiki Animal Healer

What's Included?


A done-for-you social media engagement calendar for the whole month, with daily post ideas and prompts that can work for any business.



We've done the research and come up with a bunch of UK and International awareness and special days to use in your marketing. You get a list of the days at the front of the book, along with hashtags, plus a little information about each awareness day and suggestions as to how you could use it in your marketing.

smartmockups_ke4ac8hx (1).png


We've picked out some of the awareness days and created done-for-you images you can brand up and use in your marketing.

smartmockups_ke4ageq3 (1).jpg


We've created 30 x EDITABLE, done-for-you inspirational and motivational images - just add your website or logo and off you go.

smartmockups_ke4aijw4 (1).png


All the inspirational images are editable in Canva so you can change up the words/fonts/photos to suit you, and all on the FREE Canva package.

smartmockups_ke4alck0 (1).png


Not only do you get your 30 inspirational images and templates as a square to use on Facebook and Instagram, you also get them sized for Pinterest. 

smartmockups_ke4an1ej (1).png


Even better, you get the Pinterest-sized images as Canva templates too. I want to make it as easy as possible to use these images on your social media, to get more engagement.

smartmockups_ke4ap2o7 (1).png


We've put together 10 images specifically designed to get your audience talking - just add your logo or website address and off you go! Again, you get the templates for these, so you can customise the wording, colours and photos.

smartmockups_ke4cvrrx (1).jpg

We've added the Pinterest-sized versions of the 30 inspirational images, along with the Canva templates for you. We've also given you the Canva templates for the 10 conversation starter images, so you can take the idea and tailor the wording, images, fonts and colours to suit your business. Also, we'll be sending out weekly emails to remind you of the awareness days happening each week, as well as giving you a nudge to schedule your posts and remind you what an amazing resource you have at your fingertips.

And all this is just £7.50 per month with no minimum term - stay as long as you want, leave whenever you like.

Yes, it's ridiculously good value because I want it to be super-affordable for you, while making your social media engagement life easier. The content is available for a full month for you to download and keep forever. You'll get brand new content each month for as long as you are a member. You can only join the membership during the last 7 days of a month, with content for the following month, so everyone gets the full value of their membership.


Frequently Asked Questions

I've tried to think of all the things you might be wondering. If I haven't covered it here, please email hello@thegirlsmeanbusiness.com

What Is Included In a Monthly Bundle?

Each month you will get:

  • A full month's social media engagement calendar with daily prompts and ideas to use in your social media posts.
  • 30 x done-for-you inspirational quote images to use in your business both as square size to use on Facebook and Instagram and also as Pinterest size.
  • The editable Canva template for each of these 30 inspirational images both as square and Pinterest size.
  • 10 x conversation-starter images to get your fans and followers talking - just add your website or logo and off you go!
  • The Canva templates for your 10 conversation-starter images, so you can tailor them exactly to your business.
  • A list of UK and International Awareness days - simply choose which are relevant to your business.
  • An Awareness days e-book with more information on all the awareness and special days, including hashtags, links to websites and suggestions on how you might use them in your business.
  • Weekly 'nudge' emails to remind you of the awareness days coming up that week and remind you to schedule your posts.

Why Do You Close The Membership?

Because this is a monthly bundle based on a full calendar month, we only open the doors for the last 7 days of a month, to join for the following month's membership. This way, nobody can join part way through a month and lose out on content. It's better this way.

Do I Need a Paid Canva Account?

No. All the editable Canva templates are created using images, fonts and elements included in the free account. If you happen to have a paid Canva account then you're going to have much more choice when it comes to fonts/images/elements but you'll see the free stuff can be beautiful, too.

Do I Get Templates For Everything?

No, just the 30 x Inspirational images as square and Pinterest size and the conversation-starter images. The awareness day images are not editable but you do need to add your own branding or website.

Can I Add My Own Branding?

YES, IN FACT YOU MUST! Whether you're using a done-for-you image or one of the templates I've created for you, you must add either your website address, logo or both. This is because unbranded images get downloaded and shared around the internet when I've spent a lot of time and money creating them and you have invested your money in buying them. If my team sees you using an unbranded image from SMS, they will contact you (in a lovely, friendly way) and ask you to add your branding.

How Long Do I Have Access?

You can copy the calendar and download the ready-made images to keep forever. You can also keep the PDF with the Canva template links forever - those templates will stay for as long as Canva allows. The monthly bundle will disappear at the end of the month, so you MUST download all your content before the end of each month you're a member. If Canva changes its policies or loses the license for certain images, fonts or elements, then you may need to find alternatives but as each template is created from scratch, you should still be able to use them with the new images, etc.

How Do I Access The Calendar?

The social media engagement calendar lives on Google Sheets. You can create a free Google account and access your Google Drive to find the calendar and all the images in this bundle. There are links within the membership site to help you find everything and there are videos showing you how find, download and use your content, too.

How Long Do I Have to Stay?

There is no minimum length of membership. You can join for just a month or stay as long as you like. 

Is There An Annual Package?

No, for the sake of simplicity we are keeping this as a really affordable monthly membership.

I Changed My Mind - Can I Get a Refund?

Ahh this is hard because we don't like saying no to our lovely customers, but no, not really. Once you buy, you have access to the whole bundle and it wouldn't take long to copy/download it all. Not that you would, but not everyone is as lovely as you so we have to make rules to protect our business and our very valuable assets. We have given you enough information on this sales page to allow you to make an informed decision. You should be clear about what you're buying and be happy to go ahead before purchasing.

If you still have questions before you buy, please email hello@thegirlsmeanbusiness.com

Digital products are not covered by the distance selling regulations.

Will My Monthly Membership Automatically Renew?

Yes, but we will always email you 3 days before this is due to happen so you have plenty of time to cancel your membership if you don't want to renew.

You can either cancel your membership from within your account on the membership site or email hello@thegirlsmeanbusiness.com and we can do this for you.

Can I Use This For My Friends/Clients Social Media?

No, this is for your business only. If you want to use this content for someone else's business then they must buy their own membership. We have deliberately made this very affordable at just £7.50 per month.

I already bought Social Media Sensation - How Is This Different?

If you bought our annual Social Media Sensation package in 2019/early 2020 then you were part of our pilot project. You will continue to have access to all your content but if you want any of the new content, you will need to join the new Social Media Sensation Membership.

All the content is new and different to that included within that old annual bundle.

Are There Guarantees?

There are no guarantees in life but we're happy to say that Canva so far has been awesome and reliable, so what we create should continue to work beautifully for a long time. However, sadly, we don't own Canva so we're taking it month by month and if things change, we might change how we do things this end. No point worrying about stuff that might happen, though, just know we always do the right thing and we look after our lovely customers.