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Are you a business coach? A style coach? A life coach? A trainer or teacher? GREAT! KEEP READING! 

  • Do you LOVE your coaching business but feel you’re missing a trick?
  • You know you *could* create an amazing business but it just feels too DIFFICULT?
  • Do you have dreams to create online classes, VIP days, retreats and lots of other lovely products but you don’t know where to start?
  • It's not only possible, I can help you do it - starting today!
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I wrote COACHING BUSINESS SCHOOL to help you with all those things and more.

I know what it’s like.

Eight years ago I was right where you are now.

Information overload.

Not knowing where to start.

Feeling like it can’t be THAT difficult to grow your coaching business, so why is nobody just showing you what to do?

The steps you can take, how to do the basics?

How to build this business of yours, so it brings in money every month, without you feeling like you have to start from scratch every time it goes quiet; Without having to learn about funnels or trip wires or weird techie stuff that takes a trademarked diagram to show you how it works.

It can feel so confusing and overwhelming, you just keep adding jobs to your to-do list and every one feels like a mammoth task.

I know it slowed me down by months, this feeling that I needed to have everything up and running in this special way that all these ‘big guys’ were touting.

I felt like the job was SO BIG that I didn’t know where to start.

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It wasn’t until I realised it didn’t have to be complicated or techie, I didn’t have to be anyone else and I could start from where I was that things finally fell into place. 

I make a really good living from my coaching business, part-time around home-schooling my daughter. I consistently hit that ubiquitous ‘six figure’ number that seems to be the latest buzz word. And I do it as ME. 

And you can, too.

It won't happen overnight, but if you set up your business to grow in the RIGHT way, you can definitely go on to build a business that makes £100k+ per year. 

You just have to put a few things in place, make a few tweaks and decide you're going to go for it!

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Building your coaching business is NOT rocket science - you will easily get the hang of it

  • If you can coach, you can build a business

  • You can learn the steps

  • You can learn the tech bits
  • You can learn the marketing

  • You just need someone to show you what to do, and when

  • You just found the perfect solution - Coaching Business School! Yay!

Is this for you? Well, take a look

✅ If you are ready to build your coaching business but feel a bit lost and overwhelmed, this will help

✅ If you want to take your business online and move away from only offering one-to-one sessions, this will show you how

✅ If you know you do this but need moral support and some virtual hand-holding, this will give you what you need

✅ If you want to learn from someone (like you) who has done this and come out the other side with integrity intact, you're going to love this!






Now, I’m not going to tell you that I’ve developed a mind-blowing, very expensive programme with a waiting list and try to convince you through wizardry and a fear of missing out that you can’t grow your coaching business without it.

What I’ve actually done is created a really useful and easy-to-understand online course that will show you what you need to do, if you want to grow this coaching business of yours.

It’s not expensive.

You see, I don’t believe you should have to max out your credit card or remortgage your house just to be able to build your business. That’s just adding debt and pressure and that’s not conducive to a great learning experience.

I know the ‘big guys’ will say that you need to have some ‘skin in the game’ – in other words, if you pay a lot of money you are more likely to complete the programme.

That’s rubbish.

I’ve paid LOTS of money before – some programmes I’ve completed, others I haven’t, mainly because what they were teaching didn’t sit well with me. 


Here’s my thinking.

Why not have an affordable, accessible programme that shows you what you need to do, without breaking the bank?

I figure that’s a good way to do business, don’t you?

With bite-sized training you can fit around your busy life

Classes you can access 24/7

Subtitles on all videos so you can sneak-watch with the sound off

Sounds good, right?

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OK, great! With that in mind, I’ve created

Coaching Business School



Think like a business owner, get clear on what you want and figure out your quickest route to success.

It’s time to stop worrying about funnels and build really firm foundations for your growing business.


Pricing your time and your services. Creating a steady income and ditching rollercoaster cash-flow.

Understanding your value. Tracking your money and forecasting sales. It’s all doable and it’s more fun than it sounds!


One to ones, VIPS, Skype sessions, group coaching, retreats, online programmes, blimey! There are so many options!

Which are right for you and how could you structure them? And where on earth do you start?


You can have the best products and services in the world but if your Mind Monkeys are telling you you’re not good enough, your business will flop.

Let’s work on your success mindset and chase off the monkeys.


This is a chunky module. We’ll look at websites, sales pages, email subscribers, email marketing, blogging, and more.

All the things I’ve used successfully to build my business. If I can do it, so can you!


How DO you use Facebook or Twitter, LinkedIn or Pinterest to build your coaching business? And where does Instagram fit?

Let me show you what you COULD be doing (and relax, you don’t need them all.)


Webinars? Teaching videos? Product launches? What do you use? How do you do them? What if it all goes wrong? Eeek!

OK, been there, done that and I’ll show you what you need to know to get started. You can do this!


What do you launch and when? How long does it take? How do you fit it all in? What should you do first? How often should you blog? Email?

Breathe easy – I can help with ALL that.


Basically, a bum kick to stop you investing in this programme and then doing nothing.

This module is designed to inspire you, remind you why you are awesome and stir you into action!

9 AWESOME Modules with 24/7 access and subtitles for sneak-watching

Oh, plus weekly 'gentle nudge' emails for 3 months to remind you to log in and learn

Coaching Business School is just £149 for a programme that can transform your coaching business and your life 


"I felt stuck in my business and asked the angels to show me the next best steps  & here you are Claire Mitchell
Definitely sent on angels wings!

You are down to earth, you say it how it is and finally I can make sense of what I’ve been missing in my business ~ breakthroughs galore! The key one for me to get specific about my ideal clients and understanding what their trigger is and how I can speak to their heart 
Thank you sooooo much !I feel I’ve got my wings"

Liz Green

SHINE with Liz Green

Here’s A Little About Me and Why I Can Help You

I’m Claire Mitchell and I run The Girls Mean Business™. I’m also a mum to a 12 year old, Chloe, a wife to Mitch and dog mum to our Jack Russell, Meggie.

Since I started The Girls Mean Business™ 2012 I’ve built up a big, very profitable business (last year I made over £200k profit) working from home, around Chloe’s numerous school and social commitments (that included homeschooling her for 3 years) and I’ve done it all teaching what I know and love – business and marketing – to women who are small business owners around the world.

It’s been an exciting journey!

I’m a marketing expert AND a business coach – the two things that you DEFINITELY need right now. I’ve got an MBA from the prestigious Durham University Business School and 15 years in corporate marketing working with some of the biggest companies in the UK (so I know my stuff).

More importantly, I’ve run my own business since 2005, coached hundreds of women across the world to turn their businesses around and helped thousands more women business owners through my Girls Mean Business Facebook page(Over 90,000 of them so far!)

Ohhhh and did I mention the team at Facebook asked me to come to Ireland to give my feedback and I met their Chief Operating Officer (author, billionaire and totally awesome woman) Sheryl Sandberg?

She singled out The Girls Mean Business™ as one to watch, in front of the world’s press.

Cool, huh?

And I’ve spoken at Facebook’s UK events, sharing what I know and helping more small business owners. I love it!

I’ve taught social media for the British Florist Association and the Irish Kinesiology Association.

I’ve been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, Die Welt, Marie Claire and Closer. I’ve also had my businesses featured on Radio One, BBC 1’s The Apprentice and BBC2.

I love working with women business owners, helping them fulfil their potential and build their business. Until now that was only possible if you bought one of my programmes or signed up an a VIP client, but I understand that’s not within everyone’s reach.

  • The Girls Mean Business

    “I just had a free coaching session with my ideal super client and what a difference it made!

    Until now I have been pushing my services to people who just cannot afford it, or don’t have the motivation for it. Fingers crossed she books more sessions (she said she will). From now on, I am going to focus on my ideal client group!

    Adonis Blue Coaching

  • The Girls Mean Business

    “I want a holiday home in the sun and not only that, I can still do my business there!

    I am so excited about module one it’s given me so much hope so grateful Claire Mitchell.

    Thank you so much for sharing”


  • The Girls Mean Business

    “I sort of knew what I needed to do but never got round to doing it. Your programs helped me to get more structure and to plan things better.

    I have learnt so much, and the groups are great for sounding ideas off, and finding others to help with stuff that you cannot or don’t want to do. Thank you x”

    Salon Media Genie

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