Are you fed up of trying to get your Facebook group to work? 

Are you sick of posting and getting NOTHING in response?

It's like talking to an empty room or worse, a room full of people who either aren't seeing you OR are choosing not to talk to you (EEK!).

We're not having that! You have people to help and a business to run. 

So, would you like to turn your into flat-as-a-pancake Facebook group into a wonderful place that brings you customers, sales and a warm fuzzy feeling?


Keep reading because I've created something lovely to help you.

It's called the Engaged Groups Academy and it's for you if you want to get your Facebook group working (without it sucking the life out of you) and turn it into a place you LOVE to spend time because it's full of lovely people who talk to you and each other.


Here's what you get as a member of the Engaged Groups Academy


A bundle of 'done-for-you' content including DAILY posts, captions and templates you can edit and tailor to your audience along with a content calendar showing you what to post, when.


A monthly group Q&A call with me, Claire, to help you figure out your Facebook group engagement strategy, show you new features and learn what's working for others right now 


And of course we have a Facebook group where I demonstrate engagement tactics, keep you updated with new ideas and features and give you help when you need it. What's not to love?


I've added some great little bite-sized tips and tactics classes and courses in there too, to get you up to speed and help create engagement fast 


If you're ready to FINALLY get your Facebook group working for your business, join my Engaged Groups Academy for just £27 per month or £270* for the year.

*Our annual option is the best value because you get 2 months free.



  • The 'Welcome New Members' Feature
  • Capturing Answers To Membership Questions
  • The New 'Grow Group' Feature
  • The New 'Engagement Alerts' Feature
  • The New 'Prompt' Feature
  • Formatting Group Posts
  • The Q&A Feature
  • How to Create Polls For Engagement
  • Scheduling Group Posts on Desktop and Phone
  • I add new classes regularly as new features appear
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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there new content each month?

YES! Every month you get daily engaging post ideas for your Facebook group along with a selection of editable images to use if you like. I include some awareness days for the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand which you can use if they are appropriate for your audience.

How does this work with my own posts?

The Engaged Groups Academy posts are designed to get people talking, viewing, commenting, tagging and reacting in order to create engagement, so Facebook sees your group as an interesting, engaging place and shows MORE of your posts to your group members. 

You simply add your own promotional posts in there whenever you like, safe in the knowledge that you have an engaged, warmed-up group with members who are used to your fabulous posts.

How do I edit the images you give me?

All the images and templates are created using the free version of Canva and you can change everything from images to fonts to colours. Or you can just use them as they are.

What if I don't have a group yet?

We have a BONUS mini-course on setting up a Facebook group from scratch where I walk you through exactly what you need to do, step-by-step.

What if my group is dead as a dodo?

Well, it might just need you to start engaging and building a buzz. It can take time if you gave up posting in disgust because nobody responded but with my help you'll create some really good, engaging posts to encourage people to get involved. 

If, despite all the strategies you still have a flat group where nobody engages it might be that you have the wrong people in there, which is really easy to do when you're not sure what or who your group is for. It might be time to start afresh with some awesome engagement tactics and some lovely new members.

Is there a minimum subscription period?

One month then you can cancel but remember you only have access to the content while you have an active membership.


If it's time to get engagement in your Facebook group and you're ready for my help, join my Engaged Groups Academy here.

It's just £27 per month to take away the headaches and frustration - what's not to love?

Or you can jump in for a year and get 2 months free at just £270.

*Our annual option is the best value because you get 2 months free.



Well, I've had Facebook groups for as long as they have been around and my groups are ALWAYS engaged because I work to create engagement.

My groups have helped me drive sales, build relationships and create amazing communities where business owners help each other. As a result, my groups have been a huge factor in growing my businesses to six figures every year.

I've got some great tactics and strategies to help you grow an engaged Facebook group that helps you build your business and I can't wait to help you.

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