How To Think Like a Customer (and Sell More)

How to think like a customer

A lovely accountant in my membership recently was feeling as flat as a pancake.

She said "Claire, I know what I should do, I just can't bring myself to do it. When it comes to posting on Facebook or writing a blog my mind just goes blank and I lose all my enthusiasm."

Do you know what? I hear this all the time. It's not that she doesn't love her business - she does, she just can't get into marketing.

Do you know what I did that really helped her?

I spent 5 minutes telling her what it's like …

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How To Magic Up Sales From Nowhere


Sales is one of those things that makes us feel really wobbly. I mean, who wants to be described as ‘salesy’? *Shudder*

And heaven forbid, someone thought we were ‘pushy’ or a pest - talk about pushing our buttons. Eeek!

The thing is, though, sales are necessary. You HAVE to sell if you’re in business. You MUST bring money in or the business will fold. If you’re in business, you NEED to sell. So how do you magic up sales out of nowhere when you're not sure where to start?

Well, the secret is …

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"I Can Do It Cheaper Myself"

photo-1620110488106-dad904f50930're chatting away to someone and the conversation is flowing beautifully. They love your business, they are talking about how they need what you sell when, in the next breath, they ask you your prices.

And the world stops, just for a second.

In that second your brain goes into mega-overdrive mode. In the space of that second the following questions and statements flash through your head, one after another:

"OMG what do I say?"

"She's going to be shocked when I tell her how much it is…

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